Live Music from the North Pole!

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From HERSHEY’S Makes 39 pieces Make it a family activity when you dress up TWIZZLERS with melted chocolate and then adding your favorite toppings. INGREDIENTS

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Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe

From NESTLE Makes 16 servings Bursting with a flavorful and refreshing blend of fruit sorbet, light vanilla ice cream, and chocolate morsels, this watermelon-inspired bombe

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Red, White and Blue LOVE Canvases

From JOANNS Patriotic Love!   YOU’LL NEED Canvases – 4Resin or wooden letters: LVEPaints: red, blue, ivoryBrushesSpray varnishRubber or acrylic stampSpongeOld toothbrushAleene’s Tacky GlueSaralStylus  

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Easy Marquee DIY

From JOANNS Patriotic Marquee   YOU’LL NEED Metal marquee lettersOld picture frame (that will fit marquee letters)Paint (for stripes)PaintbrushPainter’s tapeHammer & nails   DIRECTIONS 1.Remove

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U.S.A. Bouquet Cake

From JOANNS Patriotic Bouquet Cake   YOU’LL NEED Wilton food-crafting suppliesWhite Decorator Preferred Fondant (10 oz. used)Gum-Tex Tylose PowderColor Right Performance Color System (see Colors

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Red, White & Blue Berries

From NESTLE Makes 24 dipped strawberries Patriotic Strawberries INGREDIENTS 1 pound (4 cups) fresh strawberries 1 cup (6 ounces) NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE Premier White Morsels

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