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Soar to new heights! Fly like an eagle to this upcycled craft that makes a patriotic 4th of July Paper Towel Roll Eagle party decoration. 



CRAYOLA Scissors 

CRAYOLA Markers 

Paper Towel Roll 


CRAYOLA Construction Paper 

CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue 


Wiggle Eyes 



1.Cut paper towel roll in half. 

 2.Place paper towel roll horizontally on brown construction paper and mark width at top and bottom edges of paper with pencil. Draw line connecting marks using ruler. 

 3.Sketch 2 wings in separate area of same construction paper sheet. Cut out paper towel roll section and wings. 

 4.Trace bottom circle of paper towel roll on white construction paper. 

 5.Sketch rectangle on white construction paper approximately 8”H x 2”W. 

 6.Sketch small diamond shape and eagle’s feet on yellow construction paper. 

 7.Sketch rectangle on blue construction paper approximately 6”H x 1.5”W. Sketch 2 circles on blue construction paper approximately 2”W and 1.5”W, respectively. 

 8.Sketch rectangle on red construction paper approximately 6”H x 1/2″W. 

 9.Cut out all construction paper elements. 

 10.Add details to wings and blue rectangle with markers. 

 11.Glue brown construction paper around paper towel roll. 

 12.Glue white rectangle around top of paper towel roll. Glue white circle on top of paper towel roll. 

 13.Glue wings to back of paper towel roll. 

 14.Fold yellow diamond in half to create beak shape. Glue beak to paper front of paper towel  roll. 

 15.Glue feet to bottom of paper towel roll. 

 16.Glue red rectangle along edge of blue rectangle. Roll blue rectangle into cylinder and glue to secure. 

 17.Stand cylinder up and glue to larger blue circle. Glue smaller blue circle on top of cylinder to finish hat. 

 18.Glue wiggle eyes to front of paper towel roll. Let all glue steps dry 1 to 2 hours. 

 19.Place hat on top of paper towel roll to complete your patriotic eagle! 


-Cut varying sizes of paper towel rolls to create eagles of different heights. Note: construction paper measurements may vary slightly as a result. 

 -Add accents or details to your flock with ribbons, buttons, or more construction paper! 


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