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This Red, White and Blue Pom Pom Wreath is a perfect decoration for your July 4th celebration.


Craft Smart Yarn, Solid, Navy

Craft Smart Yarn, Solid, Bright Red

Clover Pom Pom Makers

Loops & Threads Wooden Embroidery Hoop



1.Start at the top of an embroidery hoop and wrap the hoop with a solid color of yarn. While wrapping, pull tight and wrap the yarn in rows for a neat appearance.


TIP: Keep a tail of yarn at the start of the wrapping and the end of the wrapping so you can tie a knot at the end to prevent unraveling. 

2.Make several pom poms in a variety of colors and sizes. Follow the instructions on the pom pom maker’s packaging to make a variety of sizes using various sized pom pom makers. 

3.Trim the ends of the pom poms so they are even and a bit smaller to create a rounder appearance.


TIP: Do not trim away the long ends on each pom pom. You will use these to tie on to the embroidery hoop.

4.Once you have made several pom poms, position them around the base of the hoop until you have a desired layout.


TIP: If needed, you can make more pom poms in colors and sizes to achieve the desired layout.

5.Tie the strings of the pom poms to the hoop where desired. Once all pom poms are in place, add some hot glue to reinforce the hold to the wrapped hoop.

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