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CRAYOLA Treasure Hunt



Arrr, matey! Seekin ’an activity to keep yer little ones busy durin ’sunny days? Set ‘em on a course for adventure with a quest for a hidden treasure! Follow these steps n ’set sail for fun with a CRAYOLA Treasure Hunt.



Upcycled Cardboard Box (wooden, metal or plastic box works, too)



Treasure (CRAYOLA Crayons, toys, gold coins, etc.)

Wooden, Metal, or Plastic Box

Coffee, cooled to room temperature *adult assistance required

One piece of white printer paper



1.Prepare the Treasure

2.Use a cardboard box, or find a not-so-precious wooden/metal box or thick plastic container that can withstand a little dirt. Something with a lid is a must.

3.Fill your “treasure chest” with plunder. You know, costume jewelry, coloring books, even a new box of CRAYOLA Crayons (they do come in a gold package, after all). Feel free to mix and match goodies.

4.Seal everything up and, with CRAYOLA Crayons and Markers, decorate the outside with skulls and crossbones, swords, cannonballs, parrots and other fun pirate stuff.

5.Hide the Treasure

6.Have Captain Mom or Daring Dad find you a shovel then head into your yard to pick the perfect hiding spot.

7.Check for sneaky scoundrels, then dig a hole that’s deep enough for your treasure chest.

8.Lower your pirates ’booty in place and cover with dirt. Top things off with some rocks or a log for added security.

9.Make a Map

10.Have an adult fill a medium-sized bowl with coffee (cool to room temperature, remember). Then take a single sheet of printer paper, make small tears around the edge and submerge completely in coffee. Remove promptly and air dry.

11.With CRAYOLA Crayons and Markers, draw landmarks on the map, complete with playful names. Don’t forget to include a big red X to “mark the spot” for the kiddos to dig.


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