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Featured Brand: SNACK PACK

Makes 6 servings


Create colorful mermaid beach pudding cups, decorated with crushed vanilla cookies for yummy sand, and an assortment of treats to look like a summer beach scene…perfect for summer desserts, playdates, or a beach-themed birthday party!


4 vanilla sandwich cookies, crushed
1 pkg (19.5 oz each) SNACK PACK Mermaid Splashes Pudding
Bear shaped cinnamon and chocolate graham crackers
Small fruit leather strips
Assorted gummy candies
Paper cocktail umbrellas



1.Top coral colored mermaid pudding cups completely with 1/2 of the crushed vanilla cookies to look like sand. Top the teal mermaid pudding cups partially with remaining crushed cookies to resemble the ocean shore.

2.Arrange and decorate your sand beach pudding cups with bear shaped graham crackers, fruit leather strips, assorted gummy candies, and umbrellas to resemble a day on the beach. Serve immediately and enjoy!


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