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Yarn Wrapped Spider Wreath


Web some fun with this spider wreath


14″ Straw Wreath

1 package Silver Metallic chenille stems

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


T pins

Assorted skeins of gray, black and silver yarns

1 skein of orange

2″ Styrofoam ball

1″ Styrofoam ball


1.Starting at the back, pin yarn ends to wreath and wrap tightly around wreath covering the straw base.

2.Change the yarns to desired pattern continuing until entire wreath is covered. *You can use photo as a guide.

3.Make a spider web by stringing the gray yarn back and forth across wreath opening. Secure ends with T pins or hot glue.

4.Weave the yarn to create a spider web, tying and knotting yarn as you go.

5.To construct spider- wrap each ball with black yarn until balls are covered.

6.Hot glue balls together forming spider.

7.Cut 4 chenille stems in half and bend in half to form 8 legs.

8.Stick legs into sides of spider body.

9.Wrap orange yarn into a small teardrop shape and glue to spider body.

10.Hot Glue spider to wreath.


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