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It’s season’s greetings when you make this Yarn-Wrapped Ornament Card for someone special.



Round Object

Creatology 9”x12” Glitter Foam Sheets

Ombre Yarn

Creatology Kids Paint Pad

Blunt-Tip Kids Scissors



1.Trace your round object onto a sheet of paper from your paper pad and cut out the shape.

2.Turn over your glitter foam sheet and draw an ornament topper. Cut out and stick to the top of your ornament.
TIP: Use the image as a guide.

3.Cut slits around the outside edge of your ornament starting from one side of the ornament topper around to the other side.

4.Wrap yarn across your ornament from side to side. Use the slits to hold the yarn in place. Wrap until you are happy with the overall look of your ornament.

5.Cut the yarn from your skein and tie off on the back.


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