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Yarn Woven Turtle



You’ll have a blast weaving and wrapping with yarn to make cute little turtles.


Basic Multi-Surface Premium Satin Acrylic Set by CRAFT SMART

Mini Glue Sticks by ARTMINDS

Low Temp Mini Glue Bun by CRAFT SMART

ELMER’S Washable School Glue

CREATOLOGY Acrylic Gens, large assorted

Wiggle Eyes by CREATOLOGY

CREATOLOGY Taklon Bristle Paintbrushes

CREATOLOGY Blunt Tip Scissors



1.Paint three craft sticks and let dry.

2.ADULT: Lay two of the sticks in an “X” and add a small dot of hot glue to hold them together. Then, glutei the third craft stick vertically down the center fo the “X” and gluten it into place.

3.To begin weaving the yarn around the sticks, tie one end of the yarn around the center of the “X”. Now, weave your yarn around the “X”, working it over and under the craft sticks.

4.When you are done wrapping, tie the yarn in a knot and then trim the ends close.

5.Glue two small wiggle eyes to the head, and a gem to the center of the turtle. Use markers to add details to the legs and tail. Let dry.


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