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This clever little snowman and his craft stick hat will make a great addition to your Christmas tree…it’s holiday fun with this Wood Shapes Snowman Ornament.



Paper plate or paint palette

Creatology Mini Wood Craft Sticks

Creatolopgy Jumbo Wood Shapes

Creatology Wiggle Eyes, assorted

Creatology Chenille Stems, Red

Craft Smart Multi-Surface Premium Satin Acrylic Paint, White

Craft Smart Multi-Surface Premium Satin Acrylic Paint, Black

Elmer’s Washable School Glue

Creatology Basic Felt, 9”x12”, Orange

Creatology Extra Fine Glitter

Creatology 20 Color Round Tip Washable Marker Set



1.Lay out five mini craft sticks vertically. Make sure they are straight along the top and bottom, then glue a mini craft stick horizontally across the vertical sticks to secure. Let dry.

2.Now, turn these sticks over and glue a mini craft stick horizontally across the bottom to make the brim of the hat. Let dry.

3.Paint a circle wood shape white and while the paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter over the entire surface. Shake off excess glitter and let dry.

4.Paint the craft stick hat black and let dry.

5.Glue the hat onto the wood circle/head. Let dry.

6.Wrap a red chenille pipe cleaner around the hat and form the ends into a flower or bow.

7.Adhere wiggle eyes to the snowman’s face, then cut a small triangle for his nose and glue in place.

8.Add his mouth by making dots with a black marker.

9.Cut a chenille pipe cleaner in half and form a loop or a hook to make a hanger for your ornament. Glue it to the top, back of the ornament and let dry.


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