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Wood and Clay Pet Ornaments



These ornaments are so cute and add to the decor for a furry farmhouse holiday. Using your pet’s own paw, you’ll create the perfect keepsake to add to your holiday decorations.



Kids’ white foam clay


Rolling pin

Animal (to use for paw print)

Wood skewer

Wax paper

Side plate or hard surface


Craft paper

Gold Sharpie

Gold paint

Medium flat brush

White paint



1.Roll out the white foam clay to the desired size needed to imprint the paw print. The foam should be 1/4” to 1/2″ thick.

2.Place the foam clay onto a piece of wax paper on a small plate. Clean the animals paw and gently but firmly push the paw into the foam to imprint. Make sure to apply even pressure around the entire paw. Using the skewer make a hold at the top of the ornament.

3.The shape of the ornament may have changed slightly with the imprint pressure, so trim the shape of the ornament with scissors around the edge to fix the shape. Set aside to dry.

4.Once dry, paint the ornament gold and the inside of the paw white. Set aside to dry.

5.When the paint is dry, thread a ribbon through the hole and loop the ends through to secure.

6.Create a name tag for using craft paper and the gold sharpie, punch a hole in the end, and thread it onto one of the ends of the ribbon.

7.Knot the ends of the ribbon to create a loop for hanging.




Wood disc ornament

Black Stamping Ink

Animal (to use for paw print)

Paper towels and water to clean up ink off paw

Fine tip black marker

Mod Podge

Foam brush

Photo of pet



1.Apply ink the pad of the paw, then apply the paw to the wooden ornament using even pressure.

2.Immediately clean the paw so no prints are tracked around.

3.Add name, dates, or other info to the disc with a fine tip marker.

4.Flip disc over, cut photo to fit inside disc.

5.With foam brush, add ModPodge to surface and attach photo.

6.Add coats of ModPodge to surface, allowing to dry time between each coat.


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