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Fly witchy witchy fly.


Black Light Cardstock, 6 Sheets

Decorative Halloween Paper Stocks, 4 to 5 Sheets

1 Can of Purple Spray Paint

1 Can of Purple Shimmer Paint

Embroidery Hoops, 5

1 Sheet of Foam Core 30″x 36″

1 Roll of Double Stick Tape


1 Bottle of Tombow Glue

Compass or Large Dinner Plate

X-Acto Knife


Optional: Large Dinner Plate


1.Spray paint the foam core with the purple paint. You will need to put 2 to 3 layers of paint onto the foam core board. Let it dry between layers.

2.Paint a layer of the shimmer paint on top.

3.On the black cardstock, take the compass and set it onto the corner. Open the compass to make an arch from the opposite corner to corner.

4.With scissors, cut the arch to create the cone of the witch hat.

5.Make buckles on the patterned paper and glue onto the front of the witch hat.

6.Glue the rim onto the cone with the Tombow glue.

7.When making the cone, use the double stick tape and apply it to the straight edge of the black paper.

8.Slowly try to make the cone and overlap the edge of the black paper covering the tape while making the paper cone.


If you don’t have a large compass, you can find a large dinner plate that goes from corner to corner. Use a pencil to trace the curve. Use light coats of spray paint so not to warp the foam core board.


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