Live Music from the North Pole!


Welcome winter with these cool window decorations-on the inside. Add a festive air for your favorite winter sports, holidays, and activities.


CRAYOLA Window Markers


Winter brings so many changes, in the weather, what you wear, and your activities. To celebrate the best of the winter months, make a list of all of the winter sports and holidays you enjoy.

What comes to mind when you think of winter? Snow flakes and snow sculptures, snowboarding, ice skating, ice hockey, or warm fireplaces? Do you think of the comfort of warm blankets and slippers, of mittens and scarves?

Use CRAYOLA Washable Window Markers to draw your favorite winter memories on your window to create a festive, winter celebration. Be sure windows are securely closed and locked before decorating them. Change your winter scene often to show each new holiday, such as Kwanzaa, New Years, Valentine’s Day, or Mardi Gras.

When it snows (or if you are just hoping for snow), use a white Washable Window Marker to make snowflakes. Cut out paper snowflakes, then fill in the spaces around them. Or draw yourself all bundled up in your warmest clothes.

Winter is the season for many favorite holidays as well. Use holiday themes to brighten your windows and welcome guests and neighbors. Just wipe away the drawings with a damp paper towel, dry, and draw again.


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