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Watercolor Resist Paper Christmas Stocking


This cute Watercolor Resist Paper Christmas Stocking craft is fun to make…create one for each family member and friends.



Creatology Watercolor Paper Pad

Creatology Paint Brushes

ArtMinds Mini Glue Sticks *ADULT REQUIRED

Craft Smart Mini Glue Gun, Low Temp *ADULT REQUIRED

Elmer’s Washable School Glue

Creatology Crayons

Creatology Washable Watercolors

Creatology Blunt Tip Scissors



1.Draw a stocking on a piece of watercolor paper. Cut it out. Trace the same shape onto another piece of watercolor paper and cut out. Cut a strip of paper for the hanger.

2.Draw designs on the stocking with a white crayon. TIP: The harder you press your crayon into the watercolor paper the more noticeable the resist will be when watercolor is added.

3.Paint the stocking with watercolor. Watch the white crayon show through; then let it dry.

4.Now, add your name and some pom-poms for a personal touch.

5.Fold the strip of paper and glue it to the stocking as a hanger.

6.Glue the two stockings together, but leave the top edge open, to make the pouch. TIP: ADULT, use hot glue when attaching the stockings together for the strongest hold.


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