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Makes 12 cupcakes


Let someone know they are super sweet with these stylish Valentine’s Day cupcakes…full of love and hearts and Cupid’s arrows.



WILTON Food Crafting Supplies:

Perfect Results 12 Cup Muffin Pan

White Cupcake Liners

16″ x 10″ Cooling Grid

4 1/2 lb. Tub of White Icing (3 cups needed)

Black Icing Color

Red Red Icing Color

24-Count Disposable Decorating Bags

Standard Coupler

Round Decorating Tip 2 (2 needed)

Round Decorating Tip 3

Round Decorating Tip 5

Decorator Preferred 9″ Angled Spatula

Favorite Cake Recipe or Mix



1.Line muffin pan with white cupcake liners. Bake and cool cupcakes according to recipe or package directions.

2.Tint 1 cup of icing with Red Red icing color; tint 1/2 cup with Black. Reserve remaining white icing.

3.Prepare two decorating bags with Tips 2 and 5. Prepare one decorating bag with a coupler and Tip 3.

4.For the ‘Love’ cupcake, ice top smooth with white icing. Prepare decorating bag with Tip 3 and fill with black icing; prepare another using Tip 2 and fill with red icing. Pipe black letters to spell out ‘love,’ then pipe a red arrow through them.

5.For the ‘Arrows Away’ cupcake, ice top smooth with white icing. Switch Tip on decorating bag with Black icing to Tip 2. Pipe random length lines on top of cupcake, add tails to form arrows. Pipe heart tips using decorating bag with Red icing and Tip 2.

6.For ‘Red with White Heart’ cupcake, spatula ice top of cupcake with red icing. Prepare decorating bag with Tip 5, fill with white icing, and pipe one heart.


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