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TWIZZLERS Tree Halloween Centerpiece



These candy centerpieces bring a spooky haunted house feeling to any Halloween buffet table. Mix and match TWIZZLERS Twist colors and KISSES Chocolate foils for a different look to this fun Halloween craft.


Unsweetened coconut flakes

Green food dye

Centerpiece tray

Scissors or wire cutters

TWIZZLERS Black Licorice Twists

Thin flexible wire (20 gauge will work)

KISSES Milk Chocolates in Orange Foils



1.Place the coconut flakes in a bowl. Add a few drops of green food dye. Mix until dye has covered all the flakes. Add more dye as necessary until desired color is reached. Spread the dyed coconut on the tray.

2.To create each branch, carefully snip one end of the TWIZZLERS Black Licorice Twist. Thread a piece of wire through to the top of the twist, and clip any extra wire off the bottom. Do this until you have five to seven branches per tree.

3.Wrap extra wire around the branches, about an inch from the bottom of the TWIZZLERS Twists, forming a bundle. Bend the bottom inch of each branch outward to form roots.

4.Carefully bend the upper portions of each branch to form tree shapes. Arrange the trees on the tray. Arrange KISSES Chocolate on the tray around the base of each tree.


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