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Gather your little gobblers & guests for a fun Thanksgiving game. Feast your eyes on these DIY bowling pins and let the good times roll!


CRAYOLA Washable markers

CRAYOLA Construction Paper

CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue

CRAYOLA Take Note Washable Gel pens


CRAYOLA Bright Pop! Cardstock

CRAYOLA Scissors

CRAYOLA No. 2 Pencil

Coffee Filters




1.Color coffee filter with markers.

2.Fold in half 3 times to create triangle shape.

3.Place coffee filter in jar of water with triangle tip just touching the water. Watch colors wick up!

4.Unfold coffee filter. Dry 1-2 hours.

5.Fold a piece of yardstick in half to make card shape.

6.Cut a piece of construction paper to fit front of card, leaving room for cardstock border. Glue to front of card.

7.Draw turkey body on a piece of construction paper with pencil. Cut out.

8.Glue construction paper eyes, beak, wattle and feet to turkey body.

9.Draw pupils and recipient’s name on turkey with marker.

10.Fold coffee filter in half twice. Cut top of filter in wavy pattern to create feathers.

11.Glue feathers and turkey to front of card.

12.Add a Thanksgiving message to inside of card with markers and get pens.

13.Give to someone you’re thankful for!


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