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Turkey Stick Pattern


This Foam Turkey Stick chart is a fun holiday activity and can be used for a festive Thanksgiving puppet show.



Turkey Pattern (CLICK HERE)
Printer paper
6”x 9” Adhesive Foam Sheets by Creatology: orange, white, brown, yellow and red
Elmer’s Glue-All Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue, Extra Strong
Creatology Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks
Craft wiggle eyes



1.CLICK HERE to print template from for turkey body and feathers. Patterns consist of circles and half circles, both large and small.

2.Cut out patterns and trace onto foam sheets: A (Feather Base): White B (Body): Brown C (Feathers): Orange D (Neck): Yellow E (Head): Yellow F (Throat): Red G (Beak): Orange  

3.To make the feathers, cut thin slices from the feather foam pattern. Use the dotted lines on the pattern (C) as a guide on how to make cuts.
4.Add glue to the tip of a jumbo craft stick and adhere to the back of the white feather base (A). 

5.Glue the cut orange feather shape (C) to the white feather base (A) to make the feathers more noticeable. Do not cut slices into the feather base shape.
6.Glue the brown foam body (B) to the front of the feathers, as shown. 

7.Glue the yellow neck (D) to the lower portion of the body.

8.Glue the red throat (F) to the upper portion of the neck.
9.Glue the yellow head (E) to the upper portion of the throat. 

10.Glue the orange beak (G) and wiggle eyes into place on the head to make the turkey’s face.

 11.Let all glue dry completely.


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