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Turkey Place Card Holder



Create Model Magic Turkey Place Card Holders and DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards for your holiday table. This festive Thanksgiving craft will wow the crowd!


CRAYOLA Model Magic

CRAYOLA Scissors

CRAYOLA Signature Sketch & Detail Dual Ended Markers

Chenille Stems

CRAYOLA Construction Paper

CRAYOLA Signature Gel Pens

Wiggle Eyes



1.For each Place Card Holder, roll brown Model Magic into 1 medium and 1 small ball. Attach to create the body and face fo the turkey.

2.Flatten Model Magic in a variety of colors to create feathers. Attach to back of turkey.

3.Place 2 wiggle eyes on the face.

4.Attach small, triangular piece of orange Model Magic to create a beak under the eyes.

5.Attach small, wavy piece of red Model Magic to create the wattle under the beak.

6.Bend a small section of a chenille stem and push into the body of the turkey to hold the Place Card. Dry overnight.

7.For each Place Card, cut a small rectangular piece of construction paper. Use markers to write names and gel pens to add flourishes.

8.Place the name tag into the chenille stem to finish the place card.

9.Repeat steps 1-8 for all your guests & set on your Thanksgiving table!


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