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Cute napkins rings for after you gobble up your dinner!


Pieces of felt 8″ x 10″: red, yellow, orange (5)
Pieces each of brown, white felt 8”x10” (2 each)
Bottle of Quick Dry Fabric Fusion
Medium-sized google eyes (12)
Empty toilet paper cardboard tubes (6)
Downloaded template


1.Cut out the brown felt strip for the base on the cardboard tube.

2.Attach the brown felt to the cardboard tube using the Quick Dry glue.

3.Hold the seam for about one minute.

4.Cut out 3 white feathers in the felt.

5.Cut out the additional pieces for the tail feathers in the various colors of felt.

6.Cut out an orange beak and a red gobbler.

7.Build the feathers using the template guide.

8.Glue the feathers in a group of three at the top of the brown tube.

9.Glue the eyes below the feathers and tuck the top edge of the beak under the eyes. Glue the beak in place.

10.Glue the gobbler under the beak.

11.Repeat steps 1 to 10 for each turkey napkin ring holder.


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