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Trick or Treat Sign


By: Emma Pniewski


Decorate your porch for Halloween night by welcoming your trick-or-treaters with this hand painted sign. Easily stencil this black and white sign to give your fall decor a touch of creativity.


FOLKART Acrylic Colors – Wrought Iron, 2 oz. – 925

FOLKART Acrylic Colors – Titanium White, 2 oz. – 480

FOLKART Acrylic Colors – Coffee Bean, 2 oz. – 940

PLAID Wood Surface Canvas Panel, 10” x 10” – 12752

FOLKART Painting Stencils – Alphabet Peddler – 30943

FOLKART Brushes – Stencil, Premium, 5/8” – 5076

FOLKART Brush Sets – Artist Variety Set, 10 pc. – 50536Other Supplies

Disposable Cup

Paper Towels



1.Flip your wood panel over and stain the rim of it with Coffee Bean. To do this, mix a 1:3 ratio of paint and water. Paint your watered down paint onto the rim of the canvas and then immediately wipe if off with a paper towel. Let dry.

2.Paint the inside of the panel in Titanium White and let dry.

3.Stencil the phrase “Trick or Treat” with Wrought Iron on your canvas and let dry.


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