Live Music from the North Pole!


Tissue Collage Cone Trees can create a wintery scene…perfect for a tabletop decoration.



Recollections Cardstock Paper, color: Feathered Greens


Creatology Tissue Paper, primary colors

Mod Pode Washout for Kids

Creatology Taklon Bristle Paintbrushes

Bunt Tip Kids Scissors

Double-sided tape

Paper plate


Craft pom moms



1.Draw a cone shape on a piece of paper and cut out.

2.Trace the cone pattern onto cardstock and cut out the shape.

3.Roll the cardstock into a cone and secure with double-sided tape.

4.Add tissue squares using Mod Podge Washout for Kids, either by brushing it onto the cone in small sections and applying flat pieces of tissue; overlapping as you go; or by twisting tissue squares around the eraser end of a pencil, dipping it into Mod Podge and sticking it onto the cone. Let dry.

5.Add pom-poms to the cone if desired by dipping them into the Mod Podge Wash Out for Kids and pressing them onto the cones. Let dry.


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