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A bloomin’ good bouquet! Make colorful Tie Dye Coffee Filter Flowers, then give the DIY flower arrangement to someone special or display them at home.



CRAYOLA Washable Markers

CRAYOLA Scissors


Paper Towels

CRAYOLA Paint Brush

Coffee Filters


Chenille Stems



1.To make filter flower, use markers to color coffee filter.

2.Fold coffee filter in half 3 times to create triangle shape.

3.Place folded coffee filter, tip down, in small amount of water. Let water wick through filter.

4.Place wet coffee filter on paper towels. Dry 1 to 2 hours.

5.To make tie dye flower, place coffee filter on top of paper towels, color with markers, then paint over with water. Dry 1 to 2 hours.

6,For both flower types, trim colored paper towels to same width as colored coffee filters.

7.Place paper towel on top of filter. Fold in half twice. Twist bottom to make flower shape.

8.Wrap end of flower with chenille stem.

9.Bunch flowers together and wrap chenille stem around flower stems to create bouquet.

10.Give as a gift or put on display!



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