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Hot Chocolate Truffles

From CONAGRA FOODS Featured Brands: SWISS MISS, REDDI-WIP, SNACK PACK Makes 20 truffles Hot chocolate truffles are made with vanilla wafer cookies, dark chocolate cocoa

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Cocoa Chocolate Shake

From HERSHEY’S Makes 2 milkshakes When it gets hot, try this classic cold treat. This easy chocolate milkshake recipe combines your favorite ice cream with

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Hot Cocoa Cupcake Mugs

Makes 24 cupcake mugs From CONAGRA FOODS Featured Brands: DUNCAN HINES, SWISS MISS Our hot cocoa cupcakes are made with DUNCAN HINES SWISS MISS Chocolate

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Frozen Hot Chocolate

From READY SET EAT Featured Brands: SWISS MISS, REDDI-WIP Makes 2 servings This warm-weather treat is, also, perfect for a chilly holiday evening. INGREDIENTS 1/3

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Christmas Cocoa

Hot cocoa and the holidays go hand in hand. The two big questions: Hot Chocolate or Hot Cocoa and large marshmallows or minis. But this

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