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From Hershey’s

Makes 2-1/2 lbs. (64 1-in. pieces)

This easy caramel pecan fudge recipe delivers the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Reward yourself and your family with fudge made with HERSHEY’S Sea Salt Caramel Flavored Baking Chips.



1 3/4 cups sugar
1 jar marshmallow creme (7 oz)
3/4 cup evaporated milk
1/4 cup butter (1/2 stick)
1 2/3 cups HERSHEY’S Sea Salt Caramel Flavored Baking Chips (10 oz pkg.)
2 cups salted mixed nuts
1 tsp vanilla extract


1.Line 8-inch square pan with foil, extending foil over edges of pan.

2.Combine sugar, marshmallow crème, evaporated milk and butter in heavy 3-quart saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture comes to a full boil; boil and stir 5 minutes.

3.Remove from heat; gradually add caramel chips, stirring until chips are melted. Stir in nuts and vanilla. Pour into prepared pan; cool.

4.Refrigerate or allow to firm at room temperature. Remove from pan; place on cutting board. Peel off foil. Cut into squares. Store, covered, in cool, dry place.


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