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String Easter Egg Craft



These eggs are a quick craft that can be made with two simple supplies: glue and colorful string…perfect for favors or decorations at a springtime celebration or adding a unique, handmade touch to Easter baskets.


*Adult supervision required



10 balloons (5” each)

Braided twine or natural jute rope


Embroidery thread or yarn

1 (7.625 oz) bottle Plain white glue

1/2 cup Water

Large bowl

Wax or parchment paper

Pastel ribbon

Artificial moss or green Easter grass


REESE’S Miniatures Peanut Butter Cups



1.Blow up 10 balloons and tie closed.

2.Pour the bottle of glue into the large bowl, and mix with 1/2 cup water to thin.

3.Cut 10 pieces of twine or jute rope and dip into the glue mixture, making sure to cover them completely with glue. Shape each into an oval for the opening and attach it to the side of each balloon.

4.Place the embroidery thread or yarn into the glue mixture. Stir around to make sure all the string is coated with glue.

5.Wrap pieces of thread/yarn around each balloon. Use one color thread for each egg or mix and match. Avoid covering the opening outlined in twine, but include the edges as you wrap to secure the twine to the structure of the string craft.

6.Lay the balloons on wax paper and let dry overnight.

7.Use the scissors to pop the balloon. Gently pull the balloon pieces off the thread/yarn.

8.Create a filler bed of artificial moss or Easter grass, then fill your eggs with bite-size Easter candies of your choice!

OPTIONAL: Tie a ribbon at the top for hanging.



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