Live Music from the North Pole!


String some lights this holiday season, when you create a sweet treat with these Strand of Christmas Lights Sugar Cookies.



Favorite sugar cookie recipe or mix

Large circle cookie cutter

White icing

Black icing tube

Additional icing tubes in your favorite colors

Wilton Writing Tip Set

Celebrate It Decorating Coupler



1.Prepare cookie dough and roll out to about 1/4“ thick.

2.Large cookie cutter to cut circles from dough.

3.Bake cookies as directed in recipe (or on mix). Let cool.

4.Spread a thin layer of icing over each cookie.

5.Remove the cap of the black icing tube and replace it with the bottom of the coupler. Unscrew the top ring around the coupler, place tip# 3 over the bottom coupler piece and screw the ring back on to hold the tip in place.

6.Draw strand for lights in a circle on each cookie, adding a few loops. Use image as a guide.

7.Repeat Step 5 for the tube, icing colors of lights, and place dots onto the strand to resemble Christmas lights.


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