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Add a natural handmade touch to your holiday decor with wood beads. You can also paint or stain these beads to match your holiday theme.


Bead Landing Bamboo Cording, Bold Colors

Bead Landing Tansite, Clear

Headlong G-S Hypo Cement

Loops & Threads Straight Scissors



1.Thread twelve wood beads onto a 36″ [91.4 cm] piece of transite cord. Slide the beads down to about 6″ [15.2 cm] from the end.

2.Tie the cord into a double knot to form a circle with your beads. Add a dab of glue to the knot and arrange the cord so the knot fits inside a bead. Trim excess cord from your 6″ [15.2 cm] tail.

TIP:The long length of cord is your working cord for making your star ornament.

3.Now, string two beads onto your working cord. Thread the cord through the next bead in the circle. The two beads added with rest of the previous bead. Continue this pattern around the circle.

4.Thread your cord through the bottom of the first bead added in Step 3, add a bead then thread down the top of the second bead added in Step 3.

5.Run cord through the bead in between from the original circle then up through the bead above it, add a bead, then thread back down the next bead. Repeat around to complete your star.

6.Cut about 8″ [20.3 cm] of bamboo cord, run it through the hole in the bead at the top of your star and tie the ends in an overhand knot for a hanger.

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