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Fun and easy star spangled cupcakes



Wilton food-crafting supplies
White Standard Baking Cups
12-Cup Standard Muffin Pan
10″x 16″ Cooling Grid
6-Pc. Stars Double Cut-Outs Set (cut-out “D” used)
White Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing — 4.5 lb. Tub
Royal Blue Icing Color
9″ Angled Spatula
Favorite chocolate cupcake recipe or mix


1.Make cupcakes. Prepare cupcake batter following recipe directions. Bake cupcakes in baking cups and allow to cool.

2.Cut stars: Cut crown off of cupcakes level with top of baking cups. Use straight edge of star cut-out “D” to cut out center of cupcake crowns.

3.Decorate cupcakes. Tint white decorator icing blue. Use spatula and blue icing to ice top of cut cupcakes smooth. Replace crown.


It’s easy to bring these cupcakes to summer picnics and barbeques because the icing won’t get smashed in transport.

Give the stars on these cupcakes a little sparkle by adding Wilton Red Sugar inside the cut-out area.

Turn the leftover star cut-outs into one-bite treats: Pipe a swirl of decorator icing on top of each one and then sprinkle with Wilton Colored Sugars.


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