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An easy craft for kids, this Star of David Chenille Stem Chain Garland will add some festive decor about the fireplace, a dessert table, or anywhere in the house.


Chenille Pipe Cleaners, dark blue, light blue, silver, white

Soft Classic Solid Yarn by Loops & Threads, White



1.To make a Star of David, bend two chenille pipe cleaners to form two equilateral (equal on all three sides) triangles. Twist the ends to secure.

2.Now take your two triangles and weave them through one another: one with a point facing up and the other with a point facing down.
TIP: You may want to open one of the triangles to weave it into the other triangle easier and re-twist the ends to secure.

3.Repeat steps and make as many stars as you would like for your banner.

4.Thread the stars onto a long length of yarn, as shown.


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