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A Star Handmade Ornament adds a touch of fun to the holiday season.



Crayola Markers

Creatology Wood Craft Sticks

Creatology Mini Wood Clothespins

Elmer’s Glue-All Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue

Craft Smart Yarn, White


Favorite Photo



1.Color the craft sticks with a marker.

2.Glue the three craft sticks together by overlapping them in the center with glue. Let dry.

3.Spread the glue over the top of the colored craft sticks.

4.While glue is wet, sprinkle the sequins over the craft sticks and lightly press them into the glue. Let dry.

5.Use a marker to color the top of the mini clothespin.

6.Place glue on top of the clothespin and place sequins on top.

7.Glue the clothespin to the top of the star. Let dry.

8.Cut a piece of yarn about 6″ long and tie the ends together, making a loop.

9.Glue the knot to the top back of the star to make the ornament hanger.

10.Clip a photo of the child into the clothespin.


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