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Spruce up your holiday entertaining with these Spruce Up Wreath Sugar Cookies.


Favorite sugar cookie recipe

Large circle cookie cutter

Small circle cookie cutter

Wilton Parchment Paper

Wilton White Decorators Icing

Wilton Gel Icing Color, Leaf Green

Wilton Disposable Decorating Bags

Wilton Open Star Decorate Tip #4B

Wilton Cookie Icing, Red



1.Prepare cookie dough and roll out to about 1/4“ thick. 

2.Use the second to largest circle cookie cutter to cut out the outside of the wreath and the smallest circle to cut out the inside of the wreath. 

3.Bake cookies as directed in recipe (or on mix). Let cool. 

4.Tint icing with Leaf Green gel icing color. 

5.Hold the decorating tip to the end of the bag and determine where to cut so when the tip is inserted, it will remain in the bag, without falling out of the bag. Cut the bag and insert tip. The tip should fit snuggly in the tip of the bag. 

6.Transfer icing to a decorating bag and pipe around the top of cookies. 

7.Use red Wilton Cookie Icing to add dots to resemble berries and a large bow at the top.


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