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SPROUT Valentine’s Day Gift Bag



These cutie pie  gift bags feature some popular characters from SRPOUT…the perfect bag to carry all of the sweet Valentine’s for your little ones!


SPROUT Chicka and Ruff Ruff Character Templates (CLICK HERE)

Computer and printer

8.5” X 11” Cardstock Paper by RECOLLECTIONS, White


Bright Essentials 8.5” X 11” Cardstock Paper by RECOLLECTIONS

CREATOLOGY Blunt Tip Scissors

Glue stick by CREATOLOGY

Assorted Bright Colors Small Gifting Bags by CELEBRATE IT



1.CLICK HERE to download and print the templates on the white cardstock.

2.Trace the shapes onto the Bright Essentials cardstock, using picture as guide for paper colors.

3.Cut out the shapes and position to make the SPROUT characters.

4.Glue shapes in place on each bag.

5.Draw, cut out, and glue on additional Valentine’s Day shapes, as desired, such as hearts.


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