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Book some time to make these fun Halloween crafts!


Faux Leather Fabric

Spray Adhesive

Hot Glue Gun/Glue Gun Sticks

White Acrylic Paint

Detail Brush



1.Place the book onto the leather fabric and wrap from front to back. Cut the fabric roughly 2″ bigger all the way around so you have enough fabric to wrap onto the inside cover.

2.Spray the wrong side of the fabric with spray adhesive as directed on the package in a well-ventilated area.

3.Next lightly spray the outside of the covers and spine with spray adhesive making sure not to spray the pages. Use a piece of scrap paper or cardboard if needed to shield the pages when spraying.

4.Once the glue is tacky place the book on the fabric wrapping the outside of the book with fabric lining it up so the excess can be wrapping inside the cover. Smooth the fabric as you go to remove any bubbles.

5.Once the fabric is in place you will need to wrap the excess into the inside of the book to hide the edges. Trim the excess at the spine cutting it back and trimming flush with the outside edge.

6.Then fold in the excess at the top and bottom of the cover and secure on the inside with hot glue. Next fold down the side to finish off the cover and secure on the inside with hot glue. Make sure to make clean folds at the edges before securing in place.

7.Repeat with the back cover so all the edges are finished on the outside.

8.Paint the desired title of the book along the spine with white paint and a detail brush.

Add interest by adding embellishments to the fonts and mixing fonts.


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