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Sensory Dough Upcycled Ornaments create an afternoon of holiday fun for kids.



Project Patter (CLICK HERE TO PRINT)

Elmer’s Washable School Glue

Creatology Sensory Dough, 20 ct.

Fiskers Kids Blunt-Tip Scissors

Creatology Cat Tool Set, 5pc



1.Click here to download and print the pattern; then cut out the shapes.

2.Trace the patterns onto the cardboard and cut out the shapes. Set aside.

3.Knead sensory dough in your hands for a few minutes then roll into a ball. TIP: Use image as your guide.

4.Use the clay tools to roll, cut and shape sensory dough to decorate your ornaments. Let dry. TIP: To cover large areas, roll sensory dough to a thin sheet, pick up the sheet and lay it over the area.

5.Use glue to adhere gems. Let dry.

6.Fold a chenille pipe cleaner in half, glue the ends on the back of the ornaments to make hangers. Let dry.


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