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This adorable Selfie Frame makes the perfect prop for New Year’s Eve photos or birthday party pics! Make sure an adult is on hand to help with the directions, and get set for some fabulous fun!


RECOLLECTIONS Glitter Adhesive Shapes, Stars

ELMER’S Foam Board, White

Sparkle Chenille Pipe Cleaners (25 ct.) by CREATOLOGY



X-ACTO #1 Precision Knife

Stars Wood Stamp by RECOLLECTIONS





Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Gold Large Die-Cut Stars by RECOLLECTIONS




1.Lay the foam core down vertically on a piece of scrap cardboard.

2.To make the foam board resemble an instant photo print, measure 1 1/2” in from both sides and make small marks with a pencil along the length of both sides

3.Measure 3″ down from the top of the foam core and make small marks with the pencil across the length of the top. 

4.Measure 6″ up from the bottom of the foam core and make small marks with the pencil across the length of the bottom.

5.Follow the pencil marks along the interior perimeter of the foam core, use a ruler and an X-ACTO® knife to cut along the marks on all sides. 

6.In a well-ventilated area, place the foam core sheet outside on top of scrap cardboard. For an ombré effect, spray several coats of Turquoise spray paint. Spray the top half of the foam core down to the bottom left corner. Do not spray paint the bottom right corner. 

7.Apply several coats of the Robin’s Egg spray paint from the bottom right corner over to the bottom left corner, blending the two paint colors together. Continue spraying with each color, until the desired ombré effect is achieved. Set board aside to dry for several minutes.


TIP: Avoid spraying too close to the foam board, as this could cause the paint to puddle, drip, or streak.


8.Create stamped stars to embellish the foam board. Simply ink a star wood stamp with a Razzberry ink pad and press the stamp down onto a sheet of 8 1/2” x 11” size white cardstock. Repeat the stamping process until the desired amount of stars is achieved. Cut out the stamped stars.

9.Arrange glitter chipboard stars and stamped stars around the foam board as desired, and glue into place using a hot glue gun.

10.When glue has dried, trim edges of stars that are hanging off the edge of the foam board.



11.Make a chenille stem crown fit for a queen. Simply twist three gold chenille stems together to make one long stem. Wrap the chenille stem around your head and mark with your finger where to tie the two ends together to make a round crown. Twist the ends together.

12.Create a large V-shape (about 5″ in height) using a gold chenille stem. Twist the V-shape onto the crown in the middle to create the main point on the crown. 

13.Create two smaller V-shape points (about 3″ in height) to twist along each side of the main point. 

14.Create the last two points (about 1 1/2” in height) and twist them onto the crown.


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