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Makes 4 pudding cups


Featured Brand: SNACK PACK


Chocolate and vanilla layered pudding topped with a crushed cookie and a strawberry ‘Santa hat’ for a holiday pudding treat.


4 medium fresh strawberries
8 teaspoons white decorator icing
8 chocolate sandwich cookies, divided
4 pudding cups (5.5 oz each) Super SNACK PACK Chocolate Vanilla Pudding



1.Cut tops off strawberries and discard. Spread 2 teaspoons icing on top of each of 4 cookies. Press a strawberry, cut-side down, onto icing to make brim of hat. Top tip of each strawberry with small dot of icing to make pom pom on hat; set aside.

2.Crush remaining 4 cookies; top each pudding cup evenly with crushed cookies and a decorated Santa hat cookie. Serve immediately.


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