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Rosey brownie bites


Silicone Petite Hearts Mold
Cooling Grid
White Ready-to-Use Decorator Icing – 1 lb. Can (1½ cups)
Burgundy Icing Color
Disposable decorating bags (3)
Petal Decorating Tip 103 (3)
Flower Nail
Favorite brownie mix or recipe


1.Bake brownies. Prepare brownie batter following recipe instructions. Bake in silicone pan; cool completely. Remove from pan.

2.Prepare icing. Using burgundy icing color, tint 1/2 cup icing dark pink and 1/2 cup icing light pink. Reserve remaining 1/2 cup icing white.

3.Decorate brownies. Prepare three decorating bags with tip 103; fill separately with dark pink, light pink and white icing. Attach brownie to flower nail with small dot of icing. Pipe rose on top of brownie; remove from nail. Repeat for a total of four brownie roses in each color.


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