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Roll-Up Travel Backgammon


Travel Backgammon



Drop cloth fabric or canvas
Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer: Gloss Peekaboo Blue, Matte Surf, Gloss Mambo Pink, Gloss Ivy Leaf
Ribbon or T-shirt yarn
Disappearing ink pen
Plastic poker chips
Dice (4)
Sewing machine with white thread
Cereal boxes or cardboard to draw a template
Painter’s tape
Seam tipper
X-Acto knife



1.Cut two pieces of drop cloth fabric. Cut one 18″ x 35″ (top piece) and the other 18″ x 41″ (bottom piece).

2.Press the short side of the top piece under 1-1/2″ (don’t sew).

3.Press the short side of the bottom piece under 1/2″ and sew close to the raw edge.

4.Press the bottom edge that was just sewed up 4″ (right sides together).

5.Place the right sides of the fabric together matching up the other short edges on the opposite end. Then overlap the 4″ fold of the bottom piece over the top piece. This will allow pockets to be sewn for the game pieces.

6.Sew around the three edges. Don’t sew the 4″ folded edge.
Clip corners and turn right side out. Press.

7.With a disappearing ink pen, draw a line 1-3/8″ from the flap and also down the center to create the pockets. Sew on those lines.

8.On the short edge with no pockets, use a seam ripper to open up a bit of the seam. Tuck ribbon or t-shirt yarn in 1/2″. Then sew around all four edges of the backgammon board to finish it off and catch the t-shirt yarn closure.

9.Draw and cut out 3 or more triangles onto the cardboard, touching the triangle corners to each other. Then, cut every other triangle with an X-Acto knife and straight edge.

10.Using painter’s tape, tape off the long edges of your board. Line up the template 1/4″ in from the edge and tape it in place, making sure the entire board is covered to avoid overspray. Optional: spray template with repositionable adhesive to hold in place.

11.After reading product label for proper application and safety instructions, apply Gloss Peekaboo Blue to the exposed areas. It is recommended to spray approximately 5 light coats a minute apart. Allow time to dry completely and then move your template and spray again.
Once your first color is sprayed and dry, line up your template to spray the second color Matte Surf. Follow the same process to create the second set of triangles. Allow time to dry.

12.Spray 15 poker chips using Gloss Mambo Pink and another 15 chips using Gloss Ivy Leaf. It is recommended to apply a few light coats one minute apart. Once the first side has dried completely, flip and spray the opposite side.

13.Once the board is dry, draw a line using the disappearing ink in the center of the triangles. Run a tight zig zag stitch using desired choice of thread color in the middle of the board. This helps separate the board and make it easier to count when playing the game.

14.Tuck the pieces into their pocket along with a pair of dice, roll it up and tie using ribbon or t-shirt yarn.


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