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Whether at camp or in the backyard, turning found rocks into Rock Art Animals is fun and colorful! This easy summer craft combines rock painting and Model Magic.


CRAYOLA Acrylic Paint

CRAYOLA Model Magic

CRAYOLA Metallic Markers


Craft Sticks

CRAYOLA Paint Brush

CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue

CRAYOLA Washable Metallic Paint

Disposable Plate


1.Pick small rock outside for each animal. Wash and dry if needed.

2.Mix paint on disposable plate for color or sheen of your choice.

3.Paint rock, then dry 1 hour. Apply a second coat of paint. Dry 1 to 2 hours.

4.To create snail, shape Model Magic into snail’s body.

5.Glue rock onto Model Magic to create shell.

6.Add accents to shell and face with markers.

7.To create turtle, shape Model Magic into head, legs, and tail.

8.Glue head, legs, and tail to bottom of rock.

9.Shape Model Magic into shell details and glue to top of rock.

10.Add accents to face with markers.

11.Dry glue and Model Magic overnight, then take the animals out to play!

For added sheen, mix pearlescent medium into paint. 

Make a variety of other animals, including a bird or a fox!

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