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Ring in the holiday season with this pretty Christmas bell garland. Family crafts bring resounding joy to one and all!


CRAYOLA Construction Paper


CRAYOLA Glitter Glue

CRAYOLA Model Magic


Hole Punch

CRAYOLA Chenille Stems

CRAYOLA Scissors

CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue

Recycled Materials




1.CRAFT A GARLAND. Use CRAYOLA Scissors to cut several hand-length strips of green construction paper that are each about the width of your finger. Punch a hole near both ends of each strip.

2.Make a closed loop with the end of a metallic chenille stem. Thread three bright red wooden beads on the stem. Place the stem through one end of a green strip. Make a loop with the strip, and then thread the stem through the other end of the strip. Add three or four green strips between each bead.

3.Repeat several times. When you run out of room on the chenille stem, twist on another one. Make the garland as long as you like. Finish it with three red beads in a row. Twist a hanging loop in the final end.

4.Place three clean, recycled plastic containers upside down, like a bell. Ask an adult to help you punch two holes in the wider sides of each container, near the closed end, for hanging.

5.Make a loop in the middle of a chenille stem and twist. Thread the open ends of the stem into the holes on each side of a bell. Attach a small, ringing bell to the end of the stem. Twist ends together inside the container. This little bell is a “clapper” for your bell.

6.Hang bells from garland. Attach red bells to the garland by twisting the looped chenille stems on the garland. Repeat for each bell, spacing them evenly on your garland.

7.DECORATE THE BELLS. Use CRAYOLA Model Magic to create festive bows for your bells. Glue bows to each one with CRAYOLA School Glue.

8.Use CRAYOLA Glitter Glue and Gel Markers to decorate the bows. Air-dry overnight before hanging in a doorway or window. Happy holidays!


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