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Reusable Valentine Fabric Envelopes


Reuse your Valentines


2 pieces of 12″x 13″ fabric (1 for outside and 1 for inside)
Pattern piece – made for a 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card
Trim (ribbon or pom poms)
Needle & thread
Iron & ironing surface
Buttonhole foot
Zipper foot



1.Cut out 2 pieces of fabric using the pattern piece provided.

2.Line up the 2 pieces with right sides together and sew along the entire edge with a 1/4″ seam. Leave approx. 2″ opening at the end.

3.If you are adding trim to the top or bottom flap, you will be sewing it into the envelope as you sew the pieces together. Pin all three layers together and make sure the pom poms are facing inside your envelope.

4.Flip envelope right side out and press.
Hand sew 2″ opening using a ladder stitch.
Bring left and right sides (the pointed flaps on either side) together and tack with a couple of handstitches to secure. Bring bottom flap (the curved flap) up to meet the sides and tack as well. ​

5.Straight stitch any outside trim to the envelope such as the side pom poms or scalloped ribbon.

6.If you plan to have a buttonhole closure use your machine and buttonhole foot to create the correct sized hole on your top envelope flap, then hand sew your button to the bottom flap.

7.If you plan to use a loop closure, cut your small trim or ribbon 2 to 3″ (depending on your button size) and hand stitch it underneath the top flap. Hand sew your button to the bottom flap.

It is helpful to have a zipper foot when sewing your trim into the envelope flaps. It isn’t necessary but it allows you to get close to your edge and won’t get caught on the pom poms.

Take your time when sewing on the trims. Whether sewn on the inside or outside, go slow for clean stitches.


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