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Create a glittery Resin Light Bulb Wood Ornament to add to your tree decorations.



Vinyl Gloves

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, Pink Blast

Mod Lodge Matte

Craft Smart Metallic Paint, Silver

Recollections Fine Glitter, Graphite

Celebrate It Holiday Ribbon

Recollections Christmas Light Glitter

4.5” Fillable Bulb Ornament by Make Market

Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, White




1.Paint your ornament as desired. Let dry. TIP: Use a cotton swab to clean up paint on inside edges.

2.Mix enough resin to cover the inside surface of the acrylic front according to package directions. Remove the back of your ornament and pour resin inside.

3.Sprinkle in specialty glitter. Set aside to cure.

4.Replace the back.

5.Paint the topper with Mod Podge and sprinkle glitter. Shake off the excess and let dry.

6.Add ribbon as a hanger.


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