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Wrapping Paper
Small Black Poms
Red Felt, Cardstock, or Heavy Scrapbook Paper
Twine, Ribbon, or Fabric Strips
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Gun Sticks
Scissors or Craft Knife
Hole Punch



1.To find the downloadable pattern click on the “GET PATTERNS” tab above.
Measure and cut 24″ long wrapping paper. Fold into three 8″ sections. Fold left side over right side. Glue seam.

2.Fold bottom up 4″. Press in right and left edges of bottom to form a diamond shape. Fold top and bottom triangles in half towards middle of diamond to form the base of bag. Glue bottom flaps.

3.Fold top of bag over at desired height. Trim excess from flap. Punch 2 holes in center of top fold. Thread twine, ribbon, or fabric strip though holes. Tie shut when bag is filled.

4.Cut out 2″ diameter circle from red paper, cardstock, or felt to make the nose and glue. Glue on 2 black poms to make reindeer eyes. Cut out 2 ears from pattern and glue on reverse of bag, under flap. Cut out 2 antlers from pattern and glue to top of flap.


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