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Add a touch of the woodlands to your home by making this Reindeer Christmas Arrangement. It is beautiful, with a touch of snow, pine and a LED candle glowing from the middle.


Kerr Wide Mouth Mason Quart Jar
Buffalo Snow Frosty Snow
2 X 2.5″ Vanilla Flameless LED Candle
FloraCraft DryFōM Brick Green
8.5″ X 11″ Cardstock Paper By Recollections, 50 Sheets
Craft Smart Straight Scissors
Low Temp Mini Glue Gun By Craft Smart


1.Pour some artificial snow into a Mason jar. Set an LED candle into the jar. Tie a ribbon around the rim and set aside.

2.Cut a piece of cardstock and place inside the container to cover each opening.
TIP: The cardstock will hide the floral foam from being visible.

3.Cut floral foam to fit into the container and use hot glue to hold it in place.

4.Push pine greenery picks into the floral foam. Bend so they drape as they do in nature.

5.Add a large pinecone and some antlers for added interest.

6.Set the Mason jar in the middle of the arrangement.
TIP: This project is only intended for LED candles.

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