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Reindeer Candy Cane Pudding Cups

Makes 4 servings


Featured Brand: SNACK PACK


Fun holiday recipe idea adds crushed chocolate peppermint cookies to chocolate pudding, finished with candy canes for the ‘antlers’


4 peppermint creme chocolate sandwich cookies
1 pkg (13 oz each) SNACK PACK Chocolate Pudding
8 mini candy canes



1.Break 1 cookie into each pudding cup. Stir to combine.

2.Insert 2 candy canes into each pudding cup to resemble ‘reindeer antlers’. Serve immediately.

TIPS: To add a face to each pudding cup, attach 2 craft eyes (or make from paper), and 1 red gum drop for the nose. Trim a thin slice off bottom of gum drop and press sticky side to pudding cup. If peppermint creme chocolate sandwich cookies are unavailable, add 1 broken chocolate sandwich cookie and 1 crushed mini candy cane to each pudding cup. Stir to combine; proceed with recipe as directed.


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