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Reach for a Rainbow Cookie



Reach for your dreams, while reaching for these cute rainbow cookies…a sweet treat for any day of the week.


Rainbow Cookie Cutter (sold in stores or online)

15 1/4 “ x 10 1/4″ Cookie Sheet

14 1/2” x 20″ Cooling Grid

WILTON Icing Pouches with Tips: Red, Yellow, Blue, White

9″ Straight Spatula

Favorite roll-out cookies recipe

Rolling Pin



1. MAKE COOKIES: Make your favorite recipe, according to directions. Use rainbow cutter to cut cookies. Bake and cool.

2.DECORATE RAINBOW: Use red, yellow, and blue decorating pouches with round tip to pipe two lines in each color on cookie. Use spatula to smooth, following shape of cookie.

3.DECORATE CLOUDS: Use white icing pouch with round tip to pipe a cluster of swirls for each cloud.


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