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Bippity, boppity, glue! Put it together & create a DIY Pumpkin Turkey Decoration for your Thanksgiving table or at-home decor.



CRAYOLA Washable Paint

CRAYOLA Model Magic

CRAYOLA Take Note Permanent Markers

Disposable Plate

Hot Glue Gun *Adult assistance required

CRAYOLA Paint Brush

CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue

Faux Pumpkin

Faux or Real Leaves



1.Pour paint colors of your choice onto disposable plate.

2.Cover pumpkin with paint. Dry 1 to 2 hours.

3.Shape Model Magic turkey head. Place on top of pumpkin.

4.Shape Model Magic turkey feet. Glue to bottom of pumpkin.

5.Attach Model Magic eyes, beak, and wattle to turkey head. Let all glue and Model Magic steps dry overnight.

6.Add pupils with marker.

7.With the help of an adult, hot glue leaves to back of pumpkin to create feathers. Let set 5 to 10 minutes.

8.Add to your Thanksgiving tablescape or display in or around your house!


-To create an ombre effect on the pumpkin, mix varying shades of paint by adding more white to your chosen paint color.

-Have leftover pumpkins from Halloween? This project can be completed with both real or faux pumpkins.

-Can be an indoor or outdoor decoration–just bring inside if inclement weather strikes!

-Model Magic that is fresh from the pack will stick to itself. Dried pieces can be glued together.


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