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These fall favorites are sure to please!


Pre-baked sugar cookies

Royal icing

Gel food coloring

Sweet Sugarbelle Piping bags

Sweet Sugarbelle Piping bottles (optional)

Sweet Sugarbelle Food Pick or toothpicks


1.Divide icing and mix with desired gel food colors.

2.Outline cookies using a piping bag. (For piping or outlining, icing should be about the consistency of soft toothpaste.)

3.Flood, or fill in, cookies using a piping bottle. (Flood icing should be about the consistency of pancake syrup.) Remove air bubbles with Food Pick or toothpick while icing is still wet.

4.Set cookies aside to dry for at least one hour. For best results place cookies near a rotating fan.

5.Once icing has set, pipe on details using a piping bag. Allow finished cookies to dry overnight.

Store cookies in an airtight container.


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