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Boo! Make Pumpkin & Ghost Brownies for a spooky-special Halloween treat! 


Favorite brownie mix or recipe

Favorite buttercream frosting, white

Food coloring: rose, blue, yellow, orange and black



1.Prepare batter following mix (or recipe) directions. Bake and cool brownies completely. 

2.While they are still warm, use ghost and pumpkin shapes to cut out brownies.

3.Prepare frosting, as directed.

4.Divide icing and tint rose, blue, yellow, orange and black. Separately place rose, blue, yellow and orange icings in decorating bags. Place black icing in a decorating bag with tip #3.

Step 4:

Pipe the different colors of frosting onto brownies. Smooth with a spatula.

Step 5:

Use the black icing and tip #3 to pipe facial features.


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