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Pretty Easter Egg Cookies



If you’ve been on the hunt for an egg-cellent way to dress up your Easter cookies, look no further! This SWEET TOOTH FAIRY treat is sure to make your Easter celebration the hip-hop-happiest of all!


SWEET TOOTH FAIRY Confetti Cookie Mix


WILTON Icing Colors: Pink, Lemon Yellow, Violet, Sky Blue

WILTON Tips: #104, #2

SWEET SUGARBELLE Nested Cookie Cutters, Oval

SWEET SUGARBELLE Disposable Piping Bags

WILTON French Rolling Pin

WILTON Parchment Paper



1.Mix Confetti Cookie mix, according to the package instructions. Roll and cut out the cookie dough with an egg-shaped cookie cutter, then bake, according to the package directions.

2.Mix the royal icing mix, according to the package instructions.

3.Separate the mixed royal icing into bowls and add coloring, a little at a time, until you reach the desired color intensity.
TIP: Keep in mind that the colors will be slightly darker when dried.

4.For flower designs, prepare piping bags with a coupler and a #104 piping tip. Add your colored icing to the bag.

5.On parchment paper, keep the round end of the piping tip down, then pipe a small rainbow shape to create one petal of the flower. Continue piping small rainbow shapes until your flower is complete.

6.Use another color of icing and a #2 piping tip to add a dollop of icing for the flower’s middle. Allow the flowers to dry completely before using them as decorations (about 2-4 hours).
TIP: Get creative! Mix and match colors, or try large and small flower shapes.

7.When your cookies have cooled completely, flood them with royal icing and let them dry completely (about 2-4 hours).

8.Once the flooded layer is dry, add dots, lines, and other designs to dress up the cookies.

9.Use royal icing as a glue to attach the flowers you made to the cookies.
TIP: When mixed icings are not being used, cover or place them in airtight containers so they don’t dry out.


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